What does it take to complete the Driver Education Program?

All students must complete 30 classroom hours of instruction and 6 behind the wheel lessons which last approximately one hour. This meets insurance requirements for premium reductions.

Do students take the Permit and License test at the Driving Center?

As of January 15th ,2018 , the Dept of Safety And Homeland Security has changed their policy of allowing third party testers to administer the permit test.No permit test will be given at the driving center. Road skills test may still be administered at the driving center.

If my student has a Permit or License can they still take Driver Education?

Absolutely, many of our students attend Driver Training after receiving their permit or license. Reasons vary. Parents may not be confident in the students skills or they may simply want a reduction in insurance rates. Many students that attend, who already have their license, claim “my parents made me take Driver Education but I really learned some things I didn’t know.”

How will Behind-the-wheel lessons be scheduled?

After the first day of class a driving schedule will be designed for each student. For the remaining classroom time students will be able to exchange times if conflicts occur. At the end of the classroom portion of class if any conflicts are unresolved, the student and teacher will work to get acceptable times for both scheduled. The Driving Center tries to prioritize lessons by:
1. Those students who have a license are the first to be scheduled.
2. Those students who are eligible to get their license.
3. Age of students.

What is the Driving Centers philosophy on Driving Lessons?

During the first week of class all students will have driven one time. That is for us to get an evaluation of skill level. After that lesson we prioritize from the aforementioned categories. Our belief is that driving, like any other hand, eye, thinking activity needs to be practiced. Once your student is scheduled we try to continue lessons everyday or every other day to provide consistency and repetition. One student may finish the entire program in one or two weeks but another may finish three or four weeks later. Keep in mind that once we start your student they will drive regularly until they complete their time.

Will students drive on the Interstate Highway?

Depending on skill level. Some students who have little driving experience may not be ready for the high speeds of interstate driving. Many students request interstate experience. We recommend a Two-Hour block when scheduling interstate experience

Is a deposit required to register for class?

Yes. A $100.00 non-refundable deposit is required for registration. This gives us a good idea of how many students to prepare for.

What programs are offered at The Driving Center?

  • Driver Education (meets all requirements for insurance reduction.)
  • Driver Improvement (4-hour class) Court referral
  • Driver Improvement (8-hour class) State Dept. of Safety & Homeland Security referral.
  • Driver Improvement fleet operations
  • Driving Assessments
  • Individual Instruction