Driver Education

The Driving Center specializes in Driver Training for young drivers. Our Driver Education program is designed to give students a well rounded Driver Education experience. Thirty classroom hours of instruction are combined with six (6) hours behind the wheel lessons to give students the basic understanding of driving concepts. The Driver Center recognizes that lives are lost and changed daily because of traffic accidents. Many of these accidents could have been prevented if the driver was more aware of risks and had better skills in managing those risks. We train our new driver education students to manage risks and hope to develop more responsible drivers.

The Driving Center appreciates the opportunity to work with parents and students. Many feel that a drivers license is the first big step into adulthood; here at the Driving Center we agree.

We believe with a drivers license comes an awesome responsibility. Many decisions drivers make can lead to jail, hospital or worse. We provide examples of how poor judgment and decisions have altered lives of many young drivers.

We review the Tennessee Driver Improvement Program and show young drivers how traffic violations may effect their privilege to drive, insurance rates, and job opportunities.

Students will ultimately make decisions that may greatly alter their quality of life. Informed, well trained students will be able to make these decisions and understand the consequences of their actions.

We believe that all drivers have, by accepting a drivers license, entered into a covenant with all other roadway users to drive in a safe, responsible manner to help ensure everyone’s safety.


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Drivers Education